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TRI UK - Mobile Re-Design

From reviewing the Google Analytics for, it became clear that more and more customers were using their mobile to browse and purchase products from TRI UK. Reflecting upon this, I decided to carry out a re-design on TRI UK’s mobile website.

For this project, I used Adobe Photoshop, I adapted the original design in various ways in order to make the site more appealing, easier to navigate as well as ensuring that all pages were accessible on the mobile version.

A main way in which I improved the visual aesthetics (UI) of the mobile website as well as the User Experience (UX) was through the navigation. I removed the existing navigation bar and replaced with the ‘burger icon’, a conventional icon commonly used within website design. The mobile navigation is now a lot cleaner with the use of arrows to navigate through the parent and child categories rather than it being displayed in a long lengthy list with mixed up cateogries.

The new mobile site now includes a scrolling banner and four promotional graphics to advertise different offers and sales. I kept these home page promotions regularly updated and continuously reviewed their performance (link clinks and relative sales).

Mobile Deisgn: Before & After Design

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